WWOTS 006: Italians, Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Start World War III And Make Them Throw In The Towel


Jon and Mike talk about recent trips to liverpool and Milan, hate listening to podcasts like “the Joe Rogan Experience”, Mike’s new job in the property management industry, and how it feels to listen to recordings of yourself.  They then examine some ideas about change, how and why people are resistant to it, and how integral it is to the way we perceive the world.  Following this conversation they break down generational change, what kinds of beliefs become entrenched in people after adolescence, and how this has growing importance due to potential changes to technology, demographics and lifespans.  They close with a discussion of how power is shifting into the hands of much older people and how, if we develop technologies to extend life spans substantially, we’ll see even more drastic shifts in power and authority.


Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • Some history of social change and the the issue of gay marriage in the USA
  • How demographics, birth rates, and life spans are changing around the world
  • Our thoughts on why people struggle with change and how integral change is to human perception
  • How Generational change is unique
  • The importance of the aging of the populace and how that will affect society in the coming decades


Mentioned in the episode:

Hate listening to podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience


Demographic changes and life extension in asia: Japan, China, India, Indonesia

Japan Population is in Decline

China population will decline by 2025