WWOTS 017: Back When Mao Was Maoing


Mike and Jon clarify the importance simplicity when learning science. Then they discuss playing pool and the difference between knowing about and knowing how to do something. They follow that with an exploration of potential impacts of Autonomous Vehicles and then close by talking through some of the dangers around cults of personality and the rise of strong men in politics.

Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • The difference between knowledge and skills

  • Potential ramifications of Autonomous Vehicles

  • Cults of personality in the USA and China

Mentioned in the Episode:

An Post: the Irish post office

The Wicklow Way

Jon hiked Crone Wood

English in pool (spin)

League Of Legends


Uber AV kills someone in Arizona

Uber Pool Express (carpooling)

Zipcar - car sharing

Cult of personality

China Eliminates Term Limits

Xi Jinping

Mao Zedong

Deng Xiaoping

Louis 14 - “I am the state”

Xi jinping’s suffering during the cultural revolution