WWOTS 019: National Kick A Kid While They’re Down Day


Mike and Jon talk about the potential use of DNA for data storage and the progression of science through the centuries. They then discuss their second quarter plans and the growing complexity of and conflicts between intellectual and tangible property rights.

Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • DNA hard drives

  • The problem with “National whatever Days”

  • The growing problems with Intellectual property rights

Mentioned in the Episode:

The Economist

Wired Magazine

Fast Company Magazine

Megatech 2050

23 And Me

The brain uses 20 watts/day (Laptops use 50-100 watts/hour or 1200-2400 watts/day)

Pi Day

Mole Day

Saint George’s Day

CORRECTION: Saint Patrick didn’t drive out dragons, Saint George slew dragons

Jon Roberts - Jon’s YouTube Channel

John Deere Tractor Software Controversy

Monsanto GMO Seed Patent Controversy

Panama Banana Disease Wiped Out Banana Agriculture in the 1950’s