WWOTS 007: If You’re Spain, It’s Gonna Hurt A Lot


Mike and Jon follow up on the cost of cabs and Ryanair flights, and make corrections about car ownership and New York hurricanes.  They also talk about the Economist Newspaper’s odd practice of collective authorship, and why we trust certain media sources sources.  After this they explain the Catalan independence movement and have a discussion on various secession  movements and the future of the European Union more broadly.


Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • The origins of the Economist Newspaper

  • Our thoughts on trust of the media

  • The forces driving the Catalan independence movement

  • Our thoughts on secessionists, nationalism, and self determination


Mentioned in the Episode:


Ryanair: 10 euro flights between the UK and Ireland


New England hurricane killed 60 people


the Economist Newspaper


Why Economist Authors aren’t listed


Bloomberg Businessweek


Economist founded September 1843 - to fight corn laws among other things


Catalan Independence


Galencia and basque independent movements


Scottish independence referendum


Catalonia’s referendum - October 2017 - 92% for 8% against


2016 US Election - 58% of eligible voters turned out


Correction: Catalonia accounts for 20% of Spanish GDP


Population of Catalonia is 7.5 million > Ireland (4.7M) or Denmark (5.7M)


Italy’s Northern League


Correction: Naples is Italy’s 3rd largest city


IRA - Irish Republican Army not to be confused with NRA - National Rifle Association


Peruvian ethnic and linguistic diversity


Chinese Languages


Indian linguistic diversity


Esperonto - the second language of the world


Gaudi houses in Barcelona