WWOTS 005: The Spooky Edition


Mike has been having a lot of great days lately.  Jon and Mike discuss what makes for a good day and how to keep your momentum and good energy.  They argue about commuting, and car ownership, then explore what makes a city nice to live in.  After that they delve into their opinions on how Halloween compares to their favorite holidays, and what it’s like to celebrate American holidays while living abroad.




New York, USA vs Seoul, South Korea: average temp: 12.7°C vs 12.2°C


Chicago winters


Buffalo moved NFL game after 220,000 tons of snow fell on the stadium


New York City Hurricane history


Halloween comes from Samhain and old celtic festival from Ireland


Cinco de mayo remembers the battle of Puebla.


The origins of Thanksgiving, mostly not Genocide


“I got you a handshake for Christmas.”