NTL 009: Breaking Down The Writing Process And Some Unusual Thoughts On Deadlines


Jess and Jon touch on what they’ve been reading and learning about lately before talking about their writing processes including everything from the software they use to how they seperate editing from composition.  They follow this up with some unusual thoughts on setting deadlines, how you can use others to keep yourself accountable, and how regularizing things and focusing on habit formation can make all of this easier.


Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • How to think about the process of writing and editing

  • How to prioritize tasks based upon your energy levels

  • The value of deadlines and how to get that value without adding stress


Mentioned in the Episode:



My Kitchen Cure - Mee Tracy McCormick

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries


What Jon has been cooking:

Honey Sesame Seared Salmon

Roast Butternut Squash with Apples & Bacon

Skillet Chicken Cacciatore


Pomodoro timers