NTL 004: Something That’s Complicated, Difficult And You Don’t Do It Regularly


Jess and Jon get into Jess’s new job at the bakery, the history of bread, and brewing beer.  After that they talk about what outcomes matter in side projects, how investment in skill development squares with producing value now, and how we can make things more efficient by finding activities that allow us to work two two different goals at the same time.  They then break down their thinking about Checklists, SOPs, and mind maps, how these are used, and the kinds of information they’re best suited to organize.  They also talk about some recent travels to the Cliffs of Moher, England, and Italy, cheap plane tickets, the cold of Ireland, and the heat of Miami.



The Cliffs of Moher


Galway city’s population: 80k


York’s history - hasn’t mattered for a long time


Cooked - Michael Pollan


Jess’s current project - a blog on transparency in supply chain


Amateur hours - work on a specific skill for 30 hours


Getting Things Done - David Allen


SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures


Todoist - task management


OneNote - digital notebook


Trello - a kanban task manager


Evernote - a place to save anything to reference later


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