NTL 002: Routines & Time Tracking: Systematizing Self-Control


Jess and Jon talk about their backgrounds living and working on four different continents and how they came to work on self improvement so much together.  They discuss what the NTL podcast will cover and delve into what it’s like to move to a new country or city you’ve never been to before with no network or job.  Touching on how to deal with banking, housing, bills,  and visas in new places.  Then they talk about their shared goal of fluency in Spanish and some of the learning techniques they’ve used to rapidly learn the language.



Raleigh, North Carolina

Dublin, Ireland

Long Beach, California


Teaching English in Korean public schools through EPIK


Original NTL project


Demographics of Miami


Demographics of Los Angeles  


Debit cards no ATM fees worldwide:


Charles Schwab


3 wireless Ireland, great prepaid deals: 20 euro 1 month unlimited data


Companies won’t let US persons living abroad invest through them


Language Learning Materials:

Italki - affordable online language tutoring


Anki - customizable spaced repetition flashcards (Ankidroid, Ankimobile)


Routledge Spanish Frequency Dictionary


Forvo.com – native pronunciations of millions of individual words in hundreds of languages


Tatoeba.org – native pronunciation and translation of thousands of sentences