NTL 005: How We Structure Our Lives - Cities, Jobs, And Friends


Jess and Jon give an update on the challenges they laid down for themselves last week. They then explore how they make major decisions about what matters in a place to live, where to work, and how they spend their free time.  They explain their thinking and motivation going into big moves between countries.  Then they discuss the value of putting yourself in difficult or challenging situations, the importance of intentionality and taking action rather than letting things happen to you, and the need to define your own success by focusing on possibility and abundance rather than limitations.  They close with how people overestimate the risks of mistakes and their thinking about the weight of your values in the face of questions about your income and financial stability.


Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • How we think about choosing jobs, friends, and where to live

  • The importance of intentionality when making decisions

  • How your own values interface and sometimes conflict with other motivations


Mentioned in the Episode:


Host Challenges:

  • Jess’s articles are done

  • Jon finished a rough edit of his animation


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