NTL 007: The 2017 Sexual Abuse Scandals; What They Mean; And Their Long Term Impact on The Working World


Jon and Jess talk about the pressure to have new year’s resolutions, the busy circus that is December, and how they’re preparing for the coming year.  They go on to discuss how important the recent sexual abuse scandals are and why they feel compelled to address them.  They explain how the internet has pressaged and created the environment that allows for these scandals to be made public, discuss some parallels with the progress of the civil rights movement, and debate whether the shift in sentiment around the scandals is a momentary blip or a permanent change.  They also go into their personal views on the boundaries of relationships in work and the difficulty of deciding what is acceptable when you work independently or are networking in less formal settings.  They close by touching on the international impact of the scandals.


Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • How our hosts are preparing for the coming year

  • The long term impact of the recent sexual abuse scandals

  • How our hosts think about relationship boundaries in work and networking

  • The international impact of the recent sexual abuse scandal


Mentioned in the Episode:

Trump Access Hollywood bus controversy


Trump’s accusations of sexual assault


Harvey Weinstein accusations


UK Parliamentary sex scandals


Francois hollande mistress scandal