WWOTS 011: Wow This Is Becoming Semi Motivational


Mike ruminates on the origins of stairs, housing and doors before challenging Jon to find something interesting in the mundane topic of rope.  They continue with a discussion of commuting, getting gas in LA, and how traits like optimism, caution, responsibility, and age might impact decision making around things we all do.  They then explore the contemporary political realignment seen around the world in the decades since the end of the cold war, the lack of capitalist tradition in post soviet republics, and the proliferation of conspiracy theories about the new world order.  They close by reviewing and reflecting on the first 10 episodes of this show, what they’ve learned along the way, and the value of having recordings of early work for seeing your growth and progress.


Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • Interesting facts about rope

  • How global politics have realigned since 1990

  • Our thoughts on the first 10 episodes of While We’re On The Subject


Mentioned in the Episode:

Dave Chappelle Special: Poor White Voters

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