WWOTS 003: Smuggling Money Out Of China


Mike and Jon discuss some new gadgets they’ve bought, how to get money out of China $500 at a time, Jon’s long path toward personal development and organization, the value of tracking how we spend time, how to assess goals and measure success, a trip to South Korea, Jon’s total lack of punctuality, Mike’s tooth infection, dental insurance, medical insurance, and how and why insurance is structured like it is.



Jon’s new phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


Mike’s super battery case for his Samsung


Book: The Second Machine Age


Book: The House of Morgan


Changing currency in China: Only $500 a day


Time Tracking Application - toggl


Once you eliminate time sinks priorities must be set:


Jon went from reading deeply esoteric books: The Basic Writings of Existentialism; Going Dutch

Toward more generally applicable and accessible material: The History of Western Philosophy


Our old marching band


Jon was Drum Major


Dental insurance average costs and coverage


Planned parenthood


Insurance is designed to reduce risk not smooth out consumption


The new deal created substantial incentives for firms to provide health insurance


Jon’s old car: The grey ghost: a steel tank