WWOTS 001: So We're Starting A Podcast, Oh And China's Pretty Big


Mike and Jon Introduce themselves and While We’re On The Subject. They then discuss China and break down its ethnic makeup, how it compares with Korea, and how the very diverse people of China interact with a regime that often doesn’t relate to them all too well.



Worshiping Carl Sagan?


We're from Long Beach


Mike’s Idea of China: British China (Hong Kong) and big massive China


China’s significant ethnic diversity


The Western Roman Empire disintegrated in the 5th century


China's Tang dynasty collapsed into the “5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms period” a few hundred years later


Correction: Tang Dynasty was from roughly 600-900 ad.  Apologies


China has significant diversity in languages spoken


The Chinese had several periods of disintegration, namely the warring states period, the 16 kingdoms period, and the 5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms periods


China reached its greatest and roughly its modern size during the Qing dynasty in 18th century


Classic Korean style and haircuts


What Jon ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while he lived in Korea


The ubiquitous Korean Matching couples wearing sweaters  and Zebras


The Austrian Hungarian Empire held within it about a dozen distinct nationalities


The Han ethnicity only predominates in the eastern half of China 


This is a map of the core vs the frontier regions of China


Non Han areas of China


The four most controversial parts of China are Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan three of which contain significant secessionist movements or are de facto independent


Xinjiang was conquered by China’s last dynasty in 1750


China’s domination of their western territories are not dissimilar to England’s colonization of India or the Netherland’s rule over Indonesia


200 years of Spanish Rule of the Netherlands


The Uyghurs of XinJiang or East Turkestan


The Different Colonial rulers of Taiwan: Netherlands, Spain, Qing, Japanese


Chinese Population by region


Tibetan Empire’s largest size


Sichuan a southwestern region of China has the best food


Guangdong style hot pot


Northern wheat noodles from HeilongJiang


XinJiang separatist knife attacks


Tibet self burning protests


Books We're Reading:

The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury


The Second Machine Age - Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee


Walkable City - Jeff Speck


The House of Morgan - Ron Chernow




NTL Critical

Amateur Hours



Man did Jon say “distinct” and “distinction” a whole hell of a lot