011: E-Scooters And Bike Sharing: Future Of Transit or Public Nuisance?


Ben and Jon talk about the recent phenomena of bike sharing programs and E-scooters. These new modes of transport have taken the cities of the world by storm causing all sorts of unexpected outcomes. Our hosts get into their personal experiences with these systems the potential revolution in transport that they presage as well as the serious concerns they have with the direction of this progress.

Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • Where and why bike/scooter sharing is reshaping transit in cities

  • The distinctions between docked and dockless bike sharing systems

  • Issues that make these systems unsustainable and how to address them

Mentioned in the Episode:

Irish Dockless Bikes - Bleeper Bikes

First Dockless Bikes in China - OFO and Mo Bike

American Dockless Bikes - Lime Bike

Paris Velib Program

Major Scooter Company - Bird E-Scooters

Biggest Docked Bike Firm in North America - Motivate Bikes