009: Megaprojects, Are They Worth It?


Megaprojects, they’re the biggest and most impactful manifestation of infrastructure and urban policy on Earth. Our hosts have a discussion trying to define these projects and break down examples of the financial disasters and engineering wonders they create. They then evaluate this method of investment exploring if there’s a better way to build world class infrastructure and if these enormous investments are truly worth it.

Listen to this Episode and Learn:

  • About the drawbacks of enormous projects

  • Examples of how megaprojects work

  • Where and when megaprojects are the best course

Mentioned in the Episode:

CORRECTION: Netherlands has reclaimed 17% of their land from the sea

Alaskan Bridge To Nowhere

Toll Bridge To The Isle Of Skye

The Chunnel (connects Britain and France)

Three Gorges Dam (one of the world’s largest, in China)

United States Interstate

Brazilian World Cup Spending

Brazilian Olympic Spending

Paris Olympics Bid Video

Los Angeles Olympics Bid Video

Barcelona’s Olympic Revival

Athens’ Olympic Debts

Xiongan: A New City Near Beijing

Malaysia’s planned “Forest City”

Dutch Delta Works

Ten-t European Train Networks

Brenner Tunnel - Austria to Italy

Gotthard Base Tunnel - Switzerland

The Big Dig

California High Speed Rail

Hong Kong’s Transport Funding