007: Walkable City Part 2


Walkable Cities by Jeff Speck

Ben and Jon dive into second half of Walkable City by Jeff Speck. They examine the 10 steps of walkability and the four subsections: the Useful Walk, Safe Walk, Comfortable Walk, and the Interesting Walk. They apply these to cities they’ve spent time in and talk about the process of implementing the policies involved with these kinds of reforms.

Structure of the book:

  1. Prologue: The general theory of walkability (what is it?)

  2. Why walkability (How walking improves wealth, health, and the environment)

  3. The 10 steps of walkability (How to design for walkability)

Mentioned in the Episode:

Induced Demand

Bus Rapid Transit


Rube Goldberg

Baron Von Haussmann

Walkable Cities by Jeff Speck